Posted in May 2012

Testing – Pinterest Button

Testing the Pinterest button… Balboa Park – San Diego, CA   EDIT: Make sure you switch over to the “HTML” tab when adding the Pinterest button. Best to use the code from the Pinterest website in their “Goodies” section, since I couldn’t get the tags on the previous blog entry to work properly. Advertisements

Girl Develop It

Great place of reference, or if ever we wanna learn some web development. Perfect for beginners! I may want to take this myself someday because it really wouldn’t hurt at all, and for future reference it may come in handy.

Facebook + Restaurant Marketing

Simplistic but valuable. New Orleans is a food-centric city and we’re likely to drum up quite a bit of business from the food industry. Visuals, “behind the scenes”, and engaging the audience are key.   3 Facebook Ideas for Restaurants      

Increase Profits/Grow Business

Here’s an article I found, which is very insightful and also tackles potential ideas for future use to present to the client (throwing small events, post card mail-outs) at their discretion.   8 Things you can do today to increase profits and grow your business.

Aaaaaand… We’re On WordPress!

So we just made the leap from Tumblr. Here’s our new blog for SocialMediaPowWow. This will be our think-tank, where we can connect, post ideas, inspiration, valuable info, etc. Anything of value we come across and can add here.