Walk-Through: Syncing WordPress to Facebook Pages

Cheesy as all hell, but here’s a video I found with instructions to walk you through syncing WordPress blogs to Facebook pages using Networked Blogs:

How to Import Your Blog into Facebook Using Networked Blogs

NOTE: There’s a trick to this I had to figure out. When trying to syndicate the blog the first time, it didn’t seem to work. Only SocialMediaPowWow showed up on my drop-down arrow for “blogs to syndicate”. Here’s what you want to do:

1. Go back in and click on “Register A Blog” at the top of the NetworkedBlog page you’re logged into via Facebook, and retype in the blog link. You’ll get error messages saying “Please correct the highlighted fields below.” and “This URL has already been registered.” (see picture below)

2. Click on the link that says “Click to view.” You will now see that it is listed the way it should be.

3. Go to the “Syndication” link on the left-hand column.

4. Select “Add Facebook Target”. From there you can pick which syndication target you want (we’re using Super Naturals for this one).

Aaaaand you are DONE!



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