Inspiration: Website Design

Found this website on accident for a restaurant. I really love the web design on this: The Dandelion Pub Clean, elegant layout. Excellent use of photography. Advertisements

Basecamp – Project Management Software

A friend of mine told me about Basecamp, which is a project management software which allows you to keep everything in one place (projects, people, data). Includes to-do lists, time tracking, goal tracking, etc. It’s only $20/month and there’s a free 45-day trial.

Pinterest Set-up

I successfully added the Pinterest button. Here’s what I did: 1. Accessed the WordPress dashboard and went to the “Settings” tab on the left-hand column. 2. Select the “Sharing” link and drop the Pinterest button into the box below on the right-hand corner under “Enabled Services”. I have it working for now, though the only … Continue reading

Testing – Pinterest Button

Testing the Pinterest button… Balboa Park – San Diego, CA   EDIT: Make sure you switch over to the “HTML” tab when adding the Pinterest button. Best to use the code from the Pinterest website in their “Goodies” section, since I couldn’t get the tags on the previous blog entry to work properly.

Girl Develop It

Great place of reference, or if ever we wanna learn some web development. Perfect for beginners! I may want to take this myself someday because it really wouldn’t hurt at all, and for future reference it may come in handy.

Facebook + Restaurant Marketing

Simplistic but valuable. New Orleans is a food-centric city and we’re likely to drum up quite a bit of business from the food industry. Visuals, “behind the scenes”, and engaging the audience are key.   3 Facebook Ideas for Restaurants